Friday, May 22, 2015

Comfortably pink!

Hello dolls!
This past weekend I went to this beautiful place in my city called "el malecón 2000" that is basically a pier with a lot of things to do with your family, there is a garden, so many cafes in front of the river, ethnic shops, a museum, and so much more. 
Guayaquil is very hot, the weather sometimes is crazy, it can be so hot that you literally boil like in hell, and then out of nothing comes the rain and the sky gets super dark. So you have to be prepared for that all the time, anyway as you can see in the pictures I am still wearing the beautiful purses from Chakanu, as I mentioned in one of the latests entries here in the blog, Chakanu is a new brand of purses made with Ecuadorian raw materials, I like that there are little touches of ethnic colors and textures in the purses, plus the variety of designs is great, you can find clutches, cross body purses, duffel bags and totes like the one I am using today in this pictures. 

I decided to wear something colorful and fresh, so I put on a maxi skirt in this bright kind of neon pink and I paired it with a yellowy pastel blouse. I think the purse combined really good with this colors. 
My afternoon was amazing, I met new people, I enjoyed being with some friends, I walked through this beautiful pier and the weather cooperated so everything ended in happiness and smiles, tons of smiles.
Anyway, are you ready to see more pics?

Friday, May 15, 2015

Green cut crease and red lips

Hello friends!
Today I wanted to share the last makeup look  did the other day. 
I was cleaning out my makeup drawer and I found this palette from Mac called Photo realism. It's a palette that has a combination of green and gold colors so I decided to use it because it is very pretty. As you can see I ended with a beautiful and elegant look that I paired with red lips. 
I hope you like this idea, specially if you have this palette.
Lot's of love as usual,

Hola chicas!
Hoy quería mostrarles el último maquillaje que me hice el otro día.
Estaba limpiando mi cajonera de maquillaje cuando encontré esta paleta de mac llamada Photo realism. Es una paleta hermosa con una combinación de verdes y dorados así que decidí utilizarla y el resultado fue un look bastante elegante y bonito que combiné con labios rojos.
Espero que les guste este look en especial si tienen esa paleta en casa.
Abrazos como siempre.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Cage heels

Hello dolls!
Here is another outfit I wore for the photoshoot of my friend featuring the beautiful purses from Chakanu.
For some reason I am loving the color white so much, I don't know why but I think there is something about that color that makes me feel so secure and confortable. I have always run away from black(I don't like that color so much) so I guess since the total opposite of black would be white(the light) that is why I like it so much, because I don't like darkness in my life. 
Black to me is boring, overrated and sad, white instead is fresh, beautiful, energetic and bright, and I love that, I love how a color can push me to feel confident in my own skin.

Hola amores!
Aqui les muestro otro outfit que utilicé en el photoshoot que hice para mi amiga mostrando las hermosas carteras de la marca Chakanu.
Por alguna razón estoy super enamorada del color blanco, no se porqué pero pienso que hay algo en ese color que me hace sentir segura y a gusto conmigo misma. Siempre me he alejado del negro, realmente no es un color que disfruto mucho asi que como el opuesto del negro es siempre el blanco(la luz) pienso que es por eso que me gusta tanto, porque es todo lo puesto a la oscuridad. 
El negro para mi es aburrido, está sobrevalorado y es triste, en cambio el blanco es fresco, hermoso, energético y brilloso, y me encanta. Me gusta como un color puede llegar a hacerme sentir segura de mi misma y en mi propia piel.