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Getting to know all the parts of your eye that need different colors is very simple. There are certain parts of your eye that need highlighting colors to make them appear larger and there are also some places in which you can be creative and apply tons of vivid colors, so I have created an eye chart or diagram to help you understand all the parts of the eye that need attention and how to make those beautiful eyes stand out.

Now let's talk about a little bit about all the parts in the eye.

Brow bone. The brow bone is the part on your eye that needs to be highlighted, generally people will use a lot of shimmery pastel colors or very similar colors to your skin tone to open up the eye and catch the light.

Crease. The crease is the place in which you are going to blend the color that you used in your brow bone with the color on your lids to contour the eyes. To blend them you can use a color between those two colors or you can use the highlighter color to blend everything out. Think about a gradient going to dark shades to light ones, starting to the lid towards the brow bone.
Outer V. The "outer V" can help you to define your eye and correct some errors that can occur when you are playing with makeup. (like using to much shadows at the end of your crease and making your eyes drop a little bit) To find the outer V you need to imagine a line connecting the outer edge of your eyebrow with the outer part of your eye (that is one part of the V) and the outer part of your crease. To contour or blend the colors you can use a angled brush or a fluffy one.

The lid can be divided in 3 parts, inner lid, middle lid and outer lid. If you really like to play with colors you can apply the lightest color in the inner lid to open up the eye a little bit and you can add different colors in the middle and outer lids, just remember to put the darkest color in the outer lid. Now if you want a subtler look you can apply just one color in all the lids, this works really nice for a natural look or for a smokey eye.

Upper lash line. Here is where you can have fun with colorful eyeliners to bring out the lashes, or if you are looking for a sexy look you can create a cat eye with a black eyeliner, or gel and if you want to make your lashes look longer and beautiful, you can use a thin eye liner to delineate your upper lashes.

There are 2 waterlines in your eye, the upper and lower waterlines. The upper one can be found underneath your upper lashes and people use to line this to make the eyeliner stand out. this process is called tightlining. Now the lower waterline is sometimes called the lower rim, because it is in the bottom rim of your eye. Apply products here can be difficult sometimes because this line is very watery and the colors tend to fade very fast. People usually line the lower waterline to enhance and attract more light into the eye, specially with a white color.
Lash line. The lash line can be divided in 2: Inner and outer lash line. You can apply different colors here. It would be nice if you use the same colors that you used to fill your lids.

Inner corner of the eye. This small place between your nose and your eye is where you need to apply a highlighting color to bring out your eyes. Make sure to blend well the color and use a very small smudger brush.

Lashes. The lashes are not labeled in this picture but they can easily be seen here. You have 2 set of lashes: Upper and lower lashes and people usually apply one coat of black or brown mascara to them. Brown mascara is used to have a more natural and subtler look and black can be use to have a natural look as well but if you apply more coats of mascara the effect can be very dramatic and beautiful.
The lower lashes can be found beneath the lower water line and these lashes are very short and sometimes can be hard to put some mascara in them, if you are using a regular wand try to wiggle the brush a little bit to deposit the color in the lashes, but I have found that the best way to apply mascara to the lower lashes is with a fan brush specially design for mascara. You don't need to apply more that one coat of mascara to this lashes and please make sure to get rid of clumps because that can make your makeup look less natural.

As a woman, you can change your appearance from day to day in ways that men could never ever hope to. You can change your hair style or color, your outfit, your makeup, your nails, your entire look. This builds suspense! It keeps them interested and can make you feel chameleonic and discover the power of your own self image.

You can use eye makeup to achieve the perfect look for any occasion, this series of tutorials are going to help you recreate wonderful looks for work or job interviews, dramatic looks for special occasions, elegant looks for formal occasions and even the perfect timeless look for the bride to be. My main goal here is to help you see the beauty that you already have and explore with you the infinite possibilities that makeup can do for you so you my friend will always look and feel sensational, no matter what.

"When I went on the stage to do a show, I would put on makeup because I felt that it enhanced my act; it drew attention to what I was doing".
Little Richard

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