Applying eye shadow and eyeliner

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How to apply eyeshadow?

There are basically 2 ways of applying eye shadows in shape shading: Winged and Rounded. To determine what is the best shading for your own eye you can try both and then you can go to the mirror and see which one looks best for you.
Usually the rounded technique seems to look good on the majority of women.

Winged shading.

If you don't have much room between the eyelid crease of your eye and your eyebrow then apply eye shadow using the winged shape, but if you have some sagging on the corner of the eye, don't try this technique.

  • Apply highlighter eye shadow from lash line to brow.
  • Apply a medium shade eye shadow color on the lid.
  • Accent the eye shadow in wedge at outer corner and blend.
  • Now line the upper and lower lashes for drama.

Round shading.

You can use this technique when your brow markedly curves around the eye. Please don't use the winged style if you have this kind of eye because it will make any sag more obvious.

  • Apply highlighter eye shadow across the eyelid, from the lash line to sightly beyond the crease and all the way to the eyebrow.
  • Apply medium shade eye shadow to the eyelid and smudge under the bottom eyelashes.
  • Accent eye shadow in the wedge at the outer corner of the eye (create a small v) and blend.
  • Finally line the upper and lower lashes.

    • For a more dramatic and advance rounder technique apply more color to the crease and blend well.

Remember that the crease of the lid is always shaded, this will give a beautiful shape to your eye.

How to apply eyeliner?

The purpose of eyeliner is to frame and define the eyes to draw attention to them.
A very natural and subtle way to contour your eyes is to apply eye shadows instead of eyeliner. If you use a pencil to line your eyes, try to find a pencil very soft and smudgy, so they don't drag the skin around the eye during the application.

If your eyes are round, use eyeliner to contour your eyes at the base of the eyelashes and continue toward the outer corner and finish with an upward small wing.

If you have oval eyes, apply a fine line at the base of your eyelid, thicken in the middle and draw it toward the outer corner of your eyes.

If your eyes are close together apply the eyeliner and start the line away from the inner corner of your eye thickening toward the outer corner edge and extend it slightly upward.

For larger eyes trace a fine line of eyeliner around the contour of your eye and also draw a fine line at the base of the upper and lower lashes for more definition.

For farther apart eyes apply eyeliner and start the line away from the inner corner of your eye thickening toward the outer edge and extend it slightly upward.

The color you choose to line your eyes should be subtle and always should complement your natural skin tone and hair color. You can use brighter colors as well but limit their use for very special occasions such as an evening event.

"No object is so beautiful that, under certain conditions, it will not look ugly"

Oscar Wilde

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