Taking care of your lips

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Lips are the second feature in your face that people are going to notice when they see you. The first thing are your eyes but lips can create a fascinating effect because most people like to watch the lips when the interlocutor talks, that is why we should pay attention to the lips, take care of them and emphatice the shape of them.

The first thing to take into consideration is exfoliation, because the skin needs to get rid of the dead cells and also because exfoliating your lips can make them smooth and ready for kisses.
To exfoliate you should rub gently your lips with a wet face cloth to remove the dead skin cells, after exfoliation you should apply a little petroleum jelly to hold the moisture in. A good advise is to never lick your lips, that is a bad habit that you should stop. The saliva will leave a red ring around your mouth, that can often become dry and start to irritate or even hurt your lips. So don't lick them.
Use a gentle face scrub on lips and around your mouth once or twice a week to remove dead skin cells and help moisturizers penetrate. Don't use your teeth brush to exfoliate because this can cause damage to the delicate skin on your lips, remember to be gentle with your face ALWAYS!


The second important thing to mantain a very nice and healthy looking lip is to keep your body hydrated, that means to drink lots of water, water is going to prevent those nasty chapped lips to appear and will help you have beautiful healthy rosy lips

Have fine lines?

Another very important factor to have beautiful lips is to treat the lines around your mouth with a retinoid serum to gradually lessen fine lines. This will make you more sensitive to the sun, so always follow with high SPF.

Defining the lips
  1. The first step to define the lips is to apply primer. Primer will provide a smooth surface for makeup
  2. The second step is to line your lips with a pencil matched to the color of the inside of your lips or if you are using a very strong color, like red for example, to use a red pencil. Never use a different liner than the lipstick, that is very 80's an a bad taste.
  3. Use a brush to soften the lip liner and to sweep the color over your lips -- it will mimic natural pigment and it will get rid of harsh lines.
  4. Apply your favorite lipstick, use a brush for precision application. Don't use the product directly from the container if you like to share your lipstick with your friends.
  5. Apply the gloss, leaving most on the center of your lips to create a fuller effect. Blot excess to keep color from bleeding. If your lips are very thin apply a plumping gloss to create a fuller lip

Just like your hair frames your face, your lips frame your smile. So remember to pay attention to your lips, because a killer smile can create some well deserved attention! And with a little of help and the right products you can add a touch of sophistication to those beautiful lips.

If you want to keep your lipstick for a longer period of time, add a lightweight layer of pressed or loose powder over the first coat of lipstick to set the color (the powder will absorb any moisture) and follow with a second coat of your favorite lipstick.

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